Our Products

Our ultimate goal is establishing the opportunity of supplying  eco-friendly biomedical supplies to our clients.

Safety Needle & disposable Syringe

Safety needle is a needle-based safety device that can help the medical professional easily convert from non-safety to safety for the injection work, especially for the COVID-19 pandemic treatment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Medical grade face mask; Particulate Respirator KN95; Isolation Gowns; Protective coverall –.ALL suitable for medical application.

Biomedical Consumables

Wipes; Alcohol Swabs; Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleanser; Hand Sanitiser – All Australia made products.

Purchase MASKS + GLOVES In Bulk!

We can supply in bulk for MASKS + GLOVES in a negotiable pricing. Pricing displayed below is just an indicative price and will be changed accordingly to the final agreed T&C of the procurement.

01. Cranberry Disposable Gloves (evolve)

02. Non-Medical PVC Disposable Gloves

03. N95 Particulate Respirator

04. Disposable Medical Face Mask

New Product - Coming Soon

Fermentation System

We can supply a complete set of bioreactor (fermentation system) and provide the technical support service for the COVID-19 vaccine production. Our fermentation system ranges from laboratory scale, pilot scale and industrial scale.

01. Laboratory Scale Bioreactors

Our high quality and innovative lab scale fermentor and benchtop bioreactor can be used to increase productivity in laboratory fermentation and cell culture experiments. No only that, we can offer the laboratory scale fermentation system at a reasonably low cost.Please contact us for more detailed information about laboratory scale fermentor or bioreactor. 

02. Pilot Scale Biorectors

We can provide a wide range of pilot-scale fermenters or bioreactors for microorganisms cultivation from 15 to 500 liters for different branches of biotechnology such as industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental. Please contact us for more detailed information about pilot scale fermentors/ bioreactors. 

03. Industrial Scale Biorectors

Our industrial scale fermenters or bioreactors can be used in various industries in where our equipment meets the highest quality standards for hardware and software. We provide special services that able to meet your requirements and to provide you a complete and validated solution for your fermentation system. Please contact us for more detailed information about industrial scale bioreactors.