About Us

Ecopha Biotech Pty. Ltd. (Ecopha BIO) is a biotech company that registered in Australia and the HQ is based in Perth. Ecopha BIO was founded to establish the manufacture and trade of bioplastic-based medical and healthcare products in Australia. 

We Develop the Latest Biotechnology

Ecopha BIO is a biotechnology-based company devoted to bringing research, development and commercialization in biotech and healthcare products. Through the continuous R&D project with universities and research institutes, the company has now turned up to be one of the experts in biomedical device and producing a variety of biobased or bioplastic-based products. 

We are now in the process of establishing our new R&D Centre in Perth dedicated to developing new biotechnologies that will complement and enrich our biomedical product portfolio. We also have the planning to starting an eco-friendly manufacturing business in Australia using recycled plastic material and bioplastic material to produce single-use or disposable biomedical products in 2023 when our business in Australia ready for expanding further. 


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We always understand what our customers need and we can provide the best products and services to them.


We always care about what are the best biomedical products and services that we can provide to our customers for them to perform the best in their work.  


We always provide our professional services or solutions to help our customers in sourcing and purchasing their biomedical products.

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